Orin NX carrier board with 2 x M.2 Key M or PCIE slot

I am searching for an Orin NX carrier board that supports an additional M.2 Key M slot or a PCIE/mPCIE slot. I am using it to connect to a PCIE card. I also need 4 USB ports preferred.

Here is one I did find https://www.waveshare.com/jetson-orin-io-base.htm

But I am not sure if Waveshare is an official partner.


This Waveshare board is basically the same as the one used in the Orin Nano Devkit.

Orin NX has got:
1 PCIE x4 → M.2 M 2280
1 PCIE x2 → M.2 M 2230 (use this for an NVME SSD)
1 PCIE x1 → M.2 E 2230 (used for a Wifi card on the devkit)

That’s all PCIe that the Orin NX module has. If you need more you would need a PCIe packet switch, but that is going to be somewhat expensive, and you might need to develop one yourself.

You may switch the PCIe x2 into two PCIe x1, but I haven’t seen a carrier using this.

Having this list do you think that Orin NX would fit your needs?

PS: The Orin NX module has 3 USB 3 ports. USB0 and USB1 share a root hub, and USB2 has its own root hub. If you need more ports you need an USB hub, but a hub does not remove the bandwith limitations of the root hub.

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