Orin NX Display port Multi Stream Transport (MST) support

We are planning to use Orin NX display port with Multi Stream Transport (MST) in order to connect two 4k HDMI displays with 60fps support.
Upon checking for further information, we could not find any relevant details.

Q1. Could you please share me the list of display adaptors compatible or tested with Orin NX SOM?
Q2. What’s the maximum number of displays and the resolution supported via MST display port?

Dharaneshwar S

Hi, for Q1, no such info can be shared. For Q2, you can calcluate that based on the maximum mode that Orin NX supported: VESA DisplayPort 1.4a HBR3 | Maximum Pixel Clock at 1080 MHz: up to 7680x4320 at 30 Hz.

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