OrinNX Problem with Ethernet communication


Carrier Board : Connect tech Boson
Jetpack Version : 5.1.1

Connecting the Ethernet Hub to the Carrier Board
Several devices are connected to the Ethernet Hub


Reboot OrinNX: Repeated main power on/off may prevent proper Ethernet communication.
Rebooting is not a normal reboot, but turning off the main power and then turning it on again.
Frequency: about 1% (about 1 time in 100 times)
After rebooting several times (main power ON/OFF), the phenomenon is resolved.
The problem is reproduced on two machines with the same system configuration.


Ethernet I/F is visible

I don’t see any errors in dmesg.

When unable to communicate over Ethernet, ping does not pass to the IP of the device connected to the Ethernet Hub to which it is connected.

The PC connected to OrinNX via Ethernet Hub is also not pinged.

Firewall is set to iptables and both incoming and outgoing pings are set to Accept.

Ethernet layer settings ebtables is not used.

One port of the Ethernet Hub is connected to OrinNX, and when that port is connected to a PC, communication is working fine.

The OrinNX side seems to be affected by the phenomenon.

I expect that the OrinNX side is affecting the phenomenon, but please let me know what I should check.

Please move to jp5.1.2. We don’t debug on old release.

Also, check if that interface in ifconfig is dead or when the situation happened.

Please also try to directly connect device to host PC without using hub.

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