Transfer Operating System Installations Between Orin NX Processors

I am having an unexpected problem with my Orin NX systems and I am hoping someone can help provide me with an answer/solution. We have multiple Orin NX systems that we are looking to enable for developers to use. On my “master” system I have a stable installation of Jetpack with all of the libraries we need to use built and installed. My idea was, rather than to redo this installation process for each device, I could just make copies of the SSD including the OS installation and just install the new SSDs into the other systems.

The problem I am facing with this is when I try to power on the other systems, the system does not seem to start up at all. I have tried to read the debug UART output and I am not able to see anything being output by the system. It also seems that the fan on the unit does not start spinning as it normally would. When I change the SSD back to the processor that was used to create the “master” installation it posts and boots without issue. As such I believe there is some kind of hardware level check being done on boot that causes the system to never initialize.

Does anyone know of something that would cause this? Is there some kind of file on the installation that I can change with a serial number or something that will allow the system to boot? If there is anything else that could be causing my issue please let me know.

As additional information we are using Orin NX 16GB systems with official Nvidia carrier boards.

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This issue was caused by the Orin NX processors that were having problem having never been flashed before. I believe something related to UEFI was not flashed into any internal eeprom and as such, the device had no clue where to begin booting.

In my case the fix was to flash the device with the same version of Jetpack using sdkmanager and a “throwaway” SSD. After this is complete the SSD can be uninstalled and the pre-configured one can be installed back into the system.

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