Problem: Replacement of the Jetson Orin Nano with NX on the carrier board

I replaced the Jetson Orin Nano with Jetson Orin NX on the Nvidia carrier board.
Used original NVIDIA fan and new thermal grease (CT40-5 from CircuitWorks).
Orin Nano worked properly, but the Orin NX refuses to start: the power LED goes stable green and the fan fails to start. Also there is nothing on the monitor.
Is there some DIP switches or other HW or SW setting on Nvidia carrier board to be dealt with in order to mane Orin NX work on the carier board where the Orin Nano worked previously?

Do you re-flash the image after replacing with Orin NX module? The system has to be re-flashed to have the configuration for Orin NX.

As documented a reflash is required (or you should swap the SSD).
Plus Orin NX needs more power - is the supply able to handle that?

Just a small question. Image should be flashed into Orin NX or the SSD (or both)?

On the Orin NX module there is a QSPI NOR flash. This needs to be flashed via recovery mode.
Then the SSD needs to be reflashed as well in order to get a suitable device tree (this is the part that is different between Nano and NX)!.

So: both!

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