Orin nano cannot start the system, the DEBUG serial port is not displayed

I have a custom carrier board, now plug in Orin nano can not start, I urgently need help.

There are several preconditions for this question.
1.I mirror the burn is a success.
2.I plugged in DEBUG. Nothing.
3.The board power supply is normal.
4.This board starts normally when using the Orin NX module, and DEBUG also has data output from the console.

Can you give me some direction? Whether it is hardware or software, or what is the difference between the Orin NX and Orin nano in terms of booting?

This problem makes me very anxious and very clever, because I think there is no problem in hardware design or image adaptation. Please help me.

Hi Cecelia,

Is this custom carrier board designed by you?
What’s you Jetpack version in use?

Are you booting from NVMe SSD?

Have you ever flashed the Orin Nano module?
There should be QSPI in Orin Nano and it should be flashed at least once.