Brand-new Orin NX 16GB stopped working after hooking up with PC

I recently purchased a Orin NX 16GB module with a SeeedStudio carrier board and wanted to flash JetPack 6.0 DP using SDK Manager on a new and bigger NVMe SSD. So I removed the shipped SSD, inserted the new one, connected the board with my PC via a data USB-C cable and powered the board with 12V. As I didn’t see the board via lsusb I was browsing the internet to search for more detailed information about the flashing procedure. The NVIDIA pages didn’t tell how exactly to bring the board into recovery mode. After 20min searching I found out I should use use a jumper between pin 3 and 4. While inserting the jumper I noticed that the Orin NX 16GB module got very hot!
Further tries to get the board connecting or running failed. It also does not boot up with the original NVMe SSD. It seems broken now. I suspect the module overheated because the fan was not running during the recovery procedure.

What should I do now? I spent 1000 EUR on this board and module and now it seems it is broken although I haven’t even used it!


I think the better way here is to share the log but not describe the symptom. Something like “very hot” really does not help and really hot from human beings is not precise thing to check. You may think 70C is hot for you but actually Orin NX is even not starting to have a throttling.

It is common to think the board is bricked if this is your first time using it. No need to panic at this moment.

Give us what you saw from sdkmanager flash. There is a “EXPORT LOGS” button from GUI. After flash failure, click it and attach the whole file here.
Also, connect the serial console setup as below page talking about. Dump the log after flash failure happened.

Thanks for your reply. I do have a Jetson Nano for five years and several Rasberry Pi so I got some experience.
The thing is the board shows no sign of life, except that the fan is turning for a split second when I plug in the power cable.
The red power led on the carrier board is not lit, so I think there is some issue on the hardware side. The connection with USB TTL adapter shows nothing in the serial monitor. Connecting the USB with a data cable neither shows a new device in the lsusb list nor anything in dmesg, i.e. there is no way of getting any logs from it.
The 12V power adapter is ok, I can rule that out.


One question here. Actually the method to bring Orin Nano and Jetson nano into recovery mode is similar. Are you sure you put the jumper in right location?

Yes, I think so. As I described in my first post I put a jumper between pin 3 (FC_REC) and 4 (GND) of the J15 header, according to reComputer.

I would expect that UART console messages would show up independently of recovery mode, right?

Another thing I noticed is that connecting the USB cable with my PC results in instable USB ports, i.e. I cannot use the USB port anymore after connecting with the Jetson. Seems there are some instable USB signals from the Jetson.
At last resort I could try another PC for connecting.

You won’t see any log when the board is in recovery mode.

But when the flash process starts, the log will start to print.

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