Orin Nano does not boot anymore

Hi all,

I have flashed JetPack 6.0 on an NVMe on an Orin Nano through SDK Manager, and I have been using the device for the last two weeks without any issues. Yesterday, it stopped booting for some reason (the fan and power LED are working, but it only displays a blank screen—not even showing the initial logo screen).

I tried the following steps:

  1. Running it in headless mode and connecting through SSH - it didn’t work.
  2. Connecting to a host machine - SDK Manager detects the device but cannot flash it.
  3. Removing the NVMe disk and plugging it into an external USB interface - partitions and content seemed fine, I backed up my workspace and erased all the partitions.
  4. Plugging a monitor into the Orin Nano and running it without any disk - this time, it displayed the startup screen with the NVIDIA logo.
  5. Trying to flash it again with the formatted disk on the host machine using SDK Manager - it still gives errors (logs attached).

Strangely, now, when I plug in the peripherals and try to run it without the disk, even the startup screen does not appear anymore.

I am suspecting a hardware problem. I ordered a USB to TTY cable for further debugging through a serial connection. Meanwhile, could you please give me some direction on what to do?

Best wishes,

SDKM_logs_JetPack_6.zip (191.6 KB)


You are using a virtual machine on a Mac for flashing?
We don’t support virtual machines, and please use a real Ubuntu host PC.


Thanks for your reply.

No, I used real machines. I did the initial working installation on Ubuntu 22.04. The unsuccessful flashing attempts were on Ubuntu 20.04

I asked this because I saw __MACOSX in the zip file, which should only appear on a Mac system.
Anyway, we still need the log:

Yes, I first copied the log file to my macbook before I sent it to the forum. I used my colleagues’ workstations for the installations.

I’ll do the debugging once I received the cable, thanks.

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