OS X 10.9 insufficient driver version

In the release notes (RN-06722-001 _v6.0) for CUDA 6.0 it says

“The initial CUDA 5.5 driver did not support Tesla-class (sm_1x architecture) GPUs on Mac OSX 10.9. This was fixed by the CUDA 6.0 Production Release driver on Mac OSX 10.9”

Where are these drivers? I downloaded and installed the latest release and it still won’t work for my hardware. I recieve the following when running deviceQuery:

./deviceQuery Starting...

 CUDA Device Query (Runtime API) version (CUDART static linking)

cudaGetDeviceCount returned 35
-> CUDA driver version is insufficient for CUDA runtime version
Result = FAIL

In my system preferences->CUDA preferences it lists my CUDA Driver Version: 6.0.26 and GPU Driver Version: 8.25.9 (331.01.01f01)