Over heat protection mechanism

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A simple question, after module overheat and shutdown automatically, I need to wait more than ten minutes before I can restart it even through it cool down to normal temperature. What is the mechanism that the module can restart after over heat? Is it depend on time, temperture or other self-test program?

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AFAIK, we don’t actually have such mechanism. Could you directly replug the power supply cable after this and see if it can be reboot immediately?

Also, please make sure the auto-boot jumper setting has been enabled on your board.

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Thanks WayneWWW. It can not reboot immediately even through replug the power supply. Only wait enough minutes I can reboot it. I will focus on upgrade cool down system in order to avoid this situation.

Other question, the PMIC temperature is much higher than other components. Is it normal? Or should I check my power supply design?

Yes, the PMIC value is normal. No need to worry about it.


Did you measure what is this “enough mins”? 10min?

Hi, WayneWWW

I need to wait about 8-10 minutes before reboot it,both devkit module and production module.

Are both with your custom carrier board? Did you test with full devkit?


Please also share us the full tegrastats result when error happened. We need to clarify whether this is software shutdown or hardware shutdown.

Thanks for reply.
Custom carrier board I used. And I find a new case now. When module temperature is higher than 60-70 degree, I replug the power supply and It also occur this situation. But if temperature is lower than 60-70 degree, it will not happen. I can reboot immediately. I also do not desgin any protection machanism on my custom board.

Is it possible for you to test this with devkit board?

Which jetpack release version are you using here?

L4T 32.7.1 I am using. I am trying use development kit board and collection the full tegrastats result. It looks like normal now. But the PMIC always is 100.
202204012.txt.log (22.7 KB)


What does that mean “It looks like normal now”? This error won’t happen in 60-70C?

I am just curious about your 8~10 mins wait for next boot. Could you use devkit to push up the temperature and see if the issue is still reproducible?

“It looks like normal now” means the tegrastats log looks like normal. This error also happen in 60-70C when I replug power supply manually. But waiting time is less than automatically shutdown , only 3-4 minutes before reboot.
I use the devkit and get the same result, both devkit module and production module. My L4T version is 32.7.1.

Forgot a important point, all of above error is happening after I upgrade the L4T from 32.6.1 to 32.7.1.

I find a picture when the system is 32.6.1. The PMIC is 50.

Find some error code in reboot log after over heat shutdown. Is it valuable for you?

That is not related to your issue. It is just display error.

Our team just tries to reproduce this issue on our side.
But the NX board can successfully boot within 10 seconds after shutdown triggered for each thermal shutdown case.

Please share us the tegrastats “when the error happened”. If this issue is triggered by thermal shutdown, then you should share the tegrastats and uart log when the shutdown happened. Not give me a log with thermal only 34.7C. It is obviously not a log when shutdown happened.

Also, use the devkit to reproduce this issue.

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