Parallel Display Interface (DPI) display


Since HDMI output of our Jetson AGX will be used for pattern projections, we would be interested in connecting a small screen to the GPIO header. For a small HMI (we will probably use openbox and full screen app).

We found something using Display Parallel Interface (DPI) but I’m not sure that the Jetson is able to use this protocol, is it? Raspbbery Pi devices are able to use it but it seems to be a GPU driver thing (

Do you have any knowledge about some working touch screens not using HDMI, that would work on Jetson AGX?

Thank you in advance


Actually, the verified working displays are listed on the module datasheet and OEM product design guide.

We don’t confirm whether any screen would work when connected to the header pinout. I guess extra drivers are needed but it would not pass through tegra display controller. It means this display would not share the display software feature of tegra.


As a feedback long after this question, you were right, Display Parallel Interface aren’t working on Jetson : a full software emulation driver would be necessary using GPIO, at the right pixel clock, using enough GPIO depending on which RGB encoding bits are used, and fbtft library does not support DPI…

For Pimoroni HyperPixel screens, it’s delivered with DTB overlays and config.txt settings, for enabling features that are specific to broacom and Raspberry Pi devices

For Jetson, Using USB-C connectors for HDMI video output and USB touchscreen input, is way more simple ;)

Sorry for the delay and thanks for the answer

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