Parker SoC Operating Temperature

Has any documentation or comment been made regarding the operating temperature of the new SoC line Parker? The product release looks like it was August 2016, but I am not able to find ANY documentation of any kind on the developer site our main web page. Please advise whether Parker SoC will meet -40C temperature minimum.

Any word on this? It has been one week with no response given. Parker in press release is described as “autonomous vehicle” SoC, but do not want to assume operating temperature range please provide

Still awaiting confirmation of Parker SoC operating temperature range?

please comment on Parker SoC operating temperature - it has been almost one month with no answer or reply

To my knowledge, the Parker is only available as part of the DRIVE PX2 package. I haven’t seen anyone else offering Parker-based products.

NVIDIA only provides specs on that hardware to partners as far as I can tell - and right now only major automotive manufacturers and suppliers are partnered with them. (We were looking into potential industrial vehicle applications but have been unable to get any response to any questions beyond basic DriveWorks SDK access.)

Hello gbaxen & atdodd,
Please see Parker SoC temperature spec. Thanks.
Operating junction temperature spec for Parker: -40C to 105C.