PC running Manjaro Linux 18.0 black screen on boot

I am using a PC I built that is running Manjaro KDE. I recently took out a GeForce RTX 2060 from my sibling’s prebuild with Windows to put into my own computer, but whenever it’s plugged in to mine, the screen only shows black, not even the boot logos. I’ve attatched the log file to the driver installer which didn’t run because the only time I could run it is when the GPU is not connected. I would appreciate any support you can provide on this. Thank you. nvidia-installer.log (1.9 KB)

Sounds like the system doesn’t even get through POST. Does it have an integrated gpu as well? Is the PSU sufficient for a 2060?

I’m using an Intel i7 10700K which has integrated graphics. I calculated my wattage using PC Part Picker and it seems fine (somewhere between 400-500W) and I am using a Corsair RM650x.

Where did you connect the monitor to?

When the 2060 is plugged in, I connected it through there via HDMI. Otherwise, the motherboard HDMI.

Did you check the bios for graphics options to be set to enable an add-on graphics card? Does the igpu display anything while the nvidia gpu is plugged in?