PCIE Compliance Testing

Hi there … I’m new to the TX2 and am trying to find some documentation that talks about recommended testing and test equipment to meet pre-compliance (electrical compliance).
I can’t find that on the website/ documentation …
Can someone help point me in the right direction?

Hi, there is such doc in download center: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/tx2-tx2i-pcie-compliance

Thank you!
How do I navigate to the download center from the Home page?
I wasn’t able to find the download center on my own (although can download it from your link…)

Hi dr_joeds,

That will require the another access right of our developer site, please join and login our NVIDIA Developer program first - https://developer.nvidia.com/.


I read through that document and am starting to get my head wrapped around it … but are there any resources for the test fixtures referenced in the Equipment section (pg. 3)?
The PCI-SIG site doesn’t include any pinouts/schematics.
How are we to design to meet compliance without having access to that information?

Hi, regarding the test fixtures, that’s from third-party not NV, you can ask vendor for detail info. And if your design follow NV’s design guide well, it should pass the test well too.