PCIe connection between Jetson Xavier NX and PolarFire FPGA


We are trying to establish a PCIe connection between a Jetson Xavier NX and a PolarFire FPGA. I’m using an example PolarFire app that I’ve verified works on a standard Linux machine running Ubuntu.

This app seg faults on the Jetson, dmesg gives the error: “Internal error: Accessing user space memory outside uaccess.h routines”.

I’ve tried applying the kernel patches discussed in other posts, which disable SMMU, but still have the same error. I had to use an older version of L4T to apply these patches, I would prefer to use the latest version.

Any advice would be appreciated.

that error is generic error seen when userspace memory is being access without permission.
You must have loaded a driver for the fpga, you have to debug there what is causing such access

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