PCIe EP mode for Xavier NX

After a normal flashing the boot process displays the following error:

ERROR:   **************************************
ERROR:   RAS Error in L2, ERRSELR_EL1=0x200:
ERROR:          Status = 0xfc006612
ERROR:          IERR = SCF to L2 Slave Error Read: 0x66
ERROR:   SERR = Error response from slave: 0x12
ERROR:          Overflow (there may be more errors) - Uncorrectable
ERROR:          Uncorrectable (this is fatal)
ERROR:          MISC0 = 0x80000000400000
ERROR:          MISC1 = 0x20240000000
ERROR:          ADDR = 0x800000001520101c
ERROR:   **************************************

multiple times.

complete log available at https://pastebin.com/3H6BJqHY

Which jetpack version is in use here?

Jetpack 5.1