PCIe x4 connection to TX2

We have a carrier board for the tx2 with a x4 PCIe connection that has been verified with the tx2 development board. We only get a x1 PCIe connection instead of the x4 that we need for data transfer bandwidth.
How can we get the tx2 to recognize the x4 PCIe connection ?

We are looking for a solution that uses the same method of PCIe x4 connection that the tx2 development board uses.


Sorry in advance if I didn’t get your statement correctly. You have designed a carrier board and the x4 pcie does not work but only x1, is it correct?


  1. Please share the dmesg when boot up.
  2. Have you checked the adaptation guide?
  3. Do you wire the pcie land correctly?

Hi acpetersen,

Have you brought up the PCIE port?
Any result can be shared?


We have verified that the x4 pcie is operational.
We can flash the original dev board flash files and get a x4 pcie but we do not get the 2 usb ports
that have the same connections as the dev board has.
If we flash for a connecttech board we can get a x1 or x2 pcie with usb (depending on the type of connecttech board selected), but not a x4.
The main mystery is how to select the proper options when getting ready to flash so we can have a x4
pcie (with the same pcie connections as the dev board) and the same 2 usb connections as the dev board has.

compared dmesg log from dev board & e4tx2.

messages regarding plugin-manager are identical.

messages regarding pci bus configuration
are identical, except for different device ID
165a:e504 (PIXCI E4)
165a:e512 (PIXCI E4TX2)
(Note that the dmesg log mentions
speed change: Gen1 -> Gen2
but doesn’t mention whether the slot is 1x or 4x)

Please refer to the adaptation and bring-up guide for tx2.