Performance Dead Redemption 2 PC

Hello, good afternoon

I will not repeat for the last time with improving performance 100% with Red Dead Redemption 2 PC, would you please talk to the developers and reach an agreement or am I warning you for the last time if you do not talk about it again I am afraid that I will go for Intel and 100% of nvidia users will leave 50% and will go to intel is your last word or I will have to call my father come on you must improve performance 100% agree with red dead redemption 2 pc what you have is improve and say good so that the players are satisfied we are going to improve at least both the 10 and 16 series graphics card and do not come telling me that it is the graphics why not and because of you for taking out DLSS for the RTX Red Dead Redemption 2 PCs the GTX 1060 6GB suffering a performance FPS lock marking the result 69 FPS ultra and low and I repeat for the last time that you put on an agreement or I will have to go to consumption and see what we are going to roll and we are going to roll one well I will say it detailed to see r so powerful that you are the requirements of the game plus you plus the play with DLSS plus blockade of the GTX etc you are going to lose it I guarantee you and it is your last chance to choose or improve or it goes directly consumption you have to improve the performance 100% with the red dead redemption 2 pc talk to the developers and I’m going to get very hard but very hard I warn you that I’m going for everyone and I’ll get it clear until you get tired of me and improve that what I’m going to do 100% guaranteed

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