Permission problem with Vista Project directory is write protected...


I have downloaded CUDA 2.2 and could successfully run the examples.

When I opended a project with Visual C++ Express 2008 I got a warning about a non writable file for intellisense.
Not much to care about when it is just to look at the project.

But now I would like to create my own project and start programming with CUDA and I have no clue how to start because it is not documented.
I tried changing the permissions, but apparently I have to change the permission of the directory one by one.

I then tried to copy one of the project directory in my home directory, but I got warings about missing libraries or feature the project depends on.
I tried to create a new project, supposing there could be a wizard that took care to configure the project as required, but there is none.

Is there a template VC++ project that would be preconfigured I could copy to start ? Did I miss to read some critical documentation ?

So I’m stuck and would be glad to have some help or hints.

I found this program that will install CUDA Wizard package. I’m using CUDA 2.2 because my graphic card (laptop) is not recognized by the latest cuda driver 2.3.


  1. Downloaded the zip obtained from source forge, double clicked on it and also on the program it contains.
    This starts an installation wizard.

  2. If you agree with what is written, (i.e. stopping running VC++ app instances), nod and click on next button.

  3. A LGPL license shows up and at the bottom the “I accept” radio button you select if you agree with it. The click on the install button that will become active. This will install everything in less than a second and the final step shows up.

  4. You’ll see a show the readme file check box and the Finish button. Clicking finish will complete the installation process and if the box was checked a text windows shows up with the readme. Read it and nod if you like, then close the window.

That’s it for the first part of the installation. At this stage you may create a new project of type CUDA.

I recommend you create empty projects only and don’t rely on the cutil library. The non empty project installs a file which depends on the cutil library. I didn’t manage to make it compile and run.

I have added support for text highlighting by following the procedure described here . It works for VC++ 2008 (version 9), just use the usertype.dat file content found in the visual_studio_8 directory.