PGI compiler installation problem

I have an old PGI compiler pgi7.0, I have installed it on a linux station with opensuse 12.3.
When I try to run the compiler, it does not work. I have run the makelocalrc tool , the answer is:
ERROR: unknown glibc version (release)

The glibc version installed on the machine is the 2.17, the compiler was initially working with glibc 2.4. How can I fix this problem ?


Yes, products produced for Linux devices 10 years ago, do have
problems on current Linux versions.

You need to either move to newer versions of the PGI products, or
install old Linux versions.

You may find the OpenACC Tool Kit an interesting program for access
to current versions of the compilers on Linux.


Thanks, but the Open ACC Toolkit is not free…


The Unidev program may not apply to everyone, but the kit is
free to download and install, and licenses are issued that are free as well.