I tried to use the pgprof tool to analyze my program’s performance,but when I used the “pgcollect” command,it says:pgi-prof-lin64: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: No such feature exists.And the details are as follows:

$ pgc++ -fast -Minfo=ccff pkg-config –cflags opencv pcl_io-1.7 generatePointCloud.cpp pkg-config --libs opencv -lpcl_io -lpcl_common -lboost_system
$ pgcollect a.out
pgi-prof-lin64: LICENSE MANAGER PROBLEM: No such feature exists.
Feature: pgi-prof-lin64
License path: /opt/pgi/license.dat:
FlexNet Licensing error:-5,357

I hope you can help me to work out the problem,thanks!^_^

Since you have a Unidev license, I assume you are using the 16.1 release.

We have moved pgcollect into pgprof, and now instead of

pgcollect foo ! to create pgprof.out
pgprof ! to display data in pgprof.out

you now use pgprof, and designate the output file, as in

pgprof -o ./foo
pgprof -i

This is all covered at .