pgroupd for solaris


I am installing PGI 5.2, which is no problem at all, but …
Since we have a lot of licenses for all kinds of packages, we have set up 3 dedicated FlexLM license servers, and I wanted to include our PGI licenses.

Unfortunately the standard pgroupd (PGI FlexLM license deamon) runs only on Linux.

I was wondering if there is a version available somewhere that runs under Solaris 8


First, my apologies for not answering sooner.

What you want to do is possible if and only if your site purchased
PGI Server or PGI CDK. PGI Workstation needs to have the license
daemons running on the same system where the software is installed.

I’ll send you an email detailing where the software is now, and I’ll
try and get a general location up for everyone else later. However,
please realize that using the non-Linux vendor daemons is not
supported. If you get this to work, great; if not, then you’ll need to
consider other alternatives.

That said, this is what I use in-house (Solaris license server, lots of
different OS clients) and I’ve never had any problems. I do know
that some customers have not been so successful.


I can’t seem to find any posted information on this. I wanted to move my license service to a solaris machine at the same time as upgrading to 6.1.1 - is there a pgroupd for solaris somewhere?


Bjorn –

Very timely! I just posted new (FLEXlm v10.1) daemons for Solaris
yesterday. I’m working on updating the webpage for downloading
license daemons, but for now, the tarfile is available at

This gets you lmgrd, pgroupd, and lmutil daemons built on Solaris 8,
but I suspect the only file you really care about is pgroupd.



Could the above link be updated to point to an existing tarball? I am in search of a Sparc Solaris pgroupd, but cauld not find one in the downloads seciton. This thread indicates that there was such a daemon as late as this February, 2006, but it must have been (re)moved.

I am currently looking for a Solaris pgroupd, I think for Solaris 9 if the version matters, for PGI Server 6.1-x. In the not too distant future, I will probably need one for PGI Server 6.2-x as well.


Leave the dot off the end of the URL, like this

That’s on me for not putting a delimiter between the URL and period
ending the sentence. Sorry.