Phylink never came up

Good noon, teachers. Please ask a question, as shown in the figure C1C7C7 set in PCIE can not be detected and cannot be used, what should I do?

Please always attach full log as text file. Not screesnshot.

If you are talking about C7 C9 pcie issue, then please refer to this thread.

This one has been referred to and has not been resolved. I’ll upload the logs later.

Then it could be your hardware problem.
For example, C1 is enabled by default and don’t need any special configuration.

You can use the Orin NX/Nano Devkit to verify your software because Devkit have C1/C4/C7 interface.

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flash log.txt (291.6 KB)
debug log(2).txt (56.8 KB)
The log has been uploaded, please help take a look。

Please follow the post as Luna2020’s post and share us the info to prove us you really modified the odmdata.

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