When I configure pcie C9, the system cannot start properly

Our self-developed carrier board is connected with an i210t phy on C1, C7 and C9 respectively.
After I set up pcie c9, my system cannot start normally. Please help me analyze the cause.

  The system startup log is as follows:

502.log (104.5 KB)

  I modified it by following the link below:
   p3767.conf.common   I made the following changes in the file
   127 #add by bxl config #1

128 #ODMDATA=“gbe-uphy-config-8,hsstp-lane-map-3,hsio-uphy-config-0”;
129 config #2
130 ODMDATA=“gbe-uphy-config-9,hsstp-lane-map-3,hsio-uphy-config-0”;

    tegra234-p3509-a02-pcie.dtsi    tegra234-p3509-a02-pcie.dtsi
     30     pcie@141e0000 { /* C7x1 node */

31 status = “okay”;
32 phys = <&p2u_gbe_0>;
33 phy-names = “p2u-0”;
34 };
36 pcie@140c0000 { /* C9x1 /
37 status = “okay”;
38 phys = <&p2u_gbe_1>;
39 phy-names = “p2u-0”;
40 };
42 // pcie@141e0000 {
43 /

44 * C7 - M2 Key M, default config, other config possible as
45 * below:
46 * C7 x2 - default
47 * C7 x1 or C9 x1
48 */
49 // status = “okay”;
50 // phys = <&p2u_gbe_0>, <&p2u_gbe_1>;
51 // phy-names = “p2u-0”, “p2u-1”;
52 // };

pinmux   I made the following changes in the file

I don’t know if there is anything I missed, please help to look at it, thank you very much.


Please help clean up the format in your comment… not easy to read…

BTW, the bus error is from C4 too. ODMDATA and device tree seems already the correct one.

It could be hardware problem.

Sorry, maybe when pasting, the format is not good, then I paste a picture.

The problem now is that I can’t enter the system normally, but before I changed C9, I could enter the system normally.

And it’s not just C4, it’s C1, C7, C9.

I have three i210t chips attached to C1, C7, C9, and the orin nx system boot disk SSD on C4.

And the network ports of C1 and C7 have been tested before I changed C9. So, is it the hardware again?


Your change on C9 should not affect C4. Are you sure your C4 does not have bus error before you enabling C9?

I think the problem here is you boot from nvme which is on C4 but C4 got PCIe bus error now so system hang.

照理來說你改動C9的設定跟C4會完全無關. 這裡的error看起來是你的C4有pcie bus error, 然後系統又是從C4 nvme 做rootfs. 所以才當掉

所以比較需要確認的是 你的pcie bus error是C7,C9 設定改動之後才發生的 還是之前就有的?

I tried again before adding C9, and there was indeed this error, and the system could not start, this seems to be random, so you think I have a hardware problem now?

Yes, I think so.

C4 is enabled by default even on devkit. No software change is needed.

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