PhysX 3.4 in UE4 - Using articulations I modelled a fishing rod and line that can be cast and reeled in!

Hey all,

I have been prototyping a game in UE4 that requires a physics-based fishing rod/line that can pull the player around. I tried using regular rigid body chains (like how Pierre Terdiman describes on his website

Normal rigid body chains didn’t really suit my needs though. I had the requirement of wanting to pull to player over things using this rope and using normal rigid bodies it would either stretch or reproject too much to be suitable. So I followed his other advice from his site and started modeling the problem using articulations.

Even though UE4 doesn’t directly expose articulations I was able to use the PhysX API directly to model a flexible fishing rod and line out of articulations.

Check it out:

Happy to answer any questions about it. Or, if someone is an PhysX pro I’d love to talk details about making it even better.

hey man I have to do a project with a fishing ROD IM using the cable component for the wire but I saw your video and I would like to know how you approach the solutions, please let me know if you can help me

Hey Cesar, so you are using UE4 cable component? It is good if you just want to model the visuals. If that is the case for you then I’d continue using it. For my case I needed forces calculated to pull the player and also needed better collision handling, this is why I used PhysX articulation to model the fishing line.