PhysX Error: attachshape: Non-SDF triangle mesh

All I did was try and rotate a cylinder with Rigid Body and Collider Presets.

I was curious if it would roll in place, or would it move. Neither happened.


Can you please provide more details to the repro?
Was this while simulation was running? Can you please attach a simple scene to repro the issue or describe more closely what you tried to do?

I didn’t save the project when I received the error. I tried to recreate the issue just now and couldn’t.

I tried to add Rigid Body and Colliders Presets to an object that is on a ground plane. Today it won’t even spin if I have Rigid Body selected, so maybe I did something in an order it didn’t like.

Not to go off topic on a post, but maybe you can tell me why this physics is not what I expect.

I created a cylinder with Colliders Presets, set an animation to rotate the cylinders very slowly. When I set a box with Rigid Body and Colliders Presets applied, I would expect the box to roll along the cylinders. The box falls, the cylinders spin yet the box remains stationary.

Any ideas how to make this work like I think it would in the real world?

I attached this project.


Rollers.usd (15.7 KB)

If you want physics to behave better with animated objects you should move with kinematic rigid bodies.

Select all the cylinders:

  1. add → physics → rigid body
  2. enable kinematics in the properties window

The box should start to move as expected. Additionally its possible to create conveyor belt behaviour using surface velocity (velocity on a kinematic body), see conveyor belt physics example.

Thank you. I will try that.

The Kinematics worked.

Thanks again.