Trying to understand physics

I’m trying to understand the physics in Isaac Sim. I set up physics for a chicken leg (as shown in image) by using the option “rigid body with colliders preset”, and visually it looks good. But when I import it into a scene with a robot trying to move it, it can be clearly seen the robot is actually moving the chicken without any contact.
I’m using the Franka robot provided by Nvidia, so the physics and colliders should be set perfectly.

Apparently the colliders somehow defaulted to Convex Hull even though I set it to SDF mesh in USDA file.
I then went back and set it up a bit differently (or maybe this is how I should have set it up in the beginning).
I set the Rigid body with colliders preset in the xform containing the mesh and selected the mesh-> colliders → changed it from Convex Hull to SDF mesh, and it’s working fine now.

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