PhysX Extensions

The stuff i’m simulating now cannot be achieved by PhysX5, So is there any interface in PhysX to achieve my demand or how can i change the source code ?

Hi @1029885730. What are you trying to simulate?

My recent work is simulating surgerical thread and the suturing interaction between thread and soft tissue, i dont know if there is any function in PhysX5 to realize it, so i want to ask how can i program this part of code based on PhysX5 by myself?

Hi @1029885730. I checked with the Omniverse Physics team and they said that’s a hard problem to solve and we don’t have a solution for that currently.

So can i write this part of code by myself base on PhysX5 in Omniverse?

Not currently in Omniverse. In a future release, we hope to provide SDK access to allow for that.