Pi Camera 3 is it possible to get it working on a Nano or even a TX2?

I have a Nano and TX2 I bought a Pi3 NOIR camera for night shots of my project but when i goggled it I found that people couldn’t get one to work.

Anyone managed to get one working?

I want to use the Nano as the controller so ideally i want it to work with that


I found this post in the camera

Do I need to remove the R8 resistor or not?

I assume it being NOIR makes no difference

hello stuart_elton,

it requires a hardware modification in order to work with Jetson Platforms.
a resistor labeled as R8 must be removed from the IMX477 camera module.
please see-also Raspberry Pi HQ camera IMX477 Driver | Linux driver for Jetson | RidgeRun