Pinmux_Config_Template.xlsm questions

I have a few questions regarding the excel sheet that generates the pinumx .dts files:

  1. Why there are hidden rows representing pins? (for example rows 10-12 in the HDMI_A01 sheet)
  2. What is the meaning of the following terms:
  • drive 1
  • initiator target mode
  • LPDR enable
  1. If I have an unused pin, should I put it on unused or not assigned? what is the difference between both cases?
  2. If I don’t use specific pin. it means it will be on high z?


  1. Those pins are not exposed for use.
  • drive 1, output high.
  • initiator target mode, mode during initiation
  • LPDR enable, LPDR register setting, please refer to TRM in DLC for more info
  1. Both are OK, most unused pins should be leave unconnected. Please refer to Design Guide for more.
  2. It depends on the pin setting.

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