Pinmux - settings?

Hi All,

On a custom board we are trying to setup the GPIO’s so they reflect the design.
I have a ton of pins that are not used on the TX1 400pin header.

Question 1:
Is it okay that I simply set them all to “Unused xxx” and pin direction to “Not Assigned”

Question 2:
I did get some errors due the 3.3V tolerance being enabled for PCE-E pins but I unprotected the excel sheet and set them as “Disable” - I assume this is okay?


Sorry forgot a follow on question.

For pins that are set to Unused & Not Assigned - should they have any pull up or down enabled?

The more important thing for unused pins is to check table ‘Unused Sepcial Function Interface Pins’ in chapter 15.0, Design Checklist, in OEM DG doc, and follow the instruction to do hardware design. Generally no need to change pinmux setting since the unused pins are unconnected.