Do Pinmux changes need to happen for unused pins?

There are a few GPIOs that I will be repurposing to control some LEDs so I’ll be changing the Pinmux configuration anyway but I was wondering if I need to take unused lines and map them as “unused”?

hello elijah.houck,

may I know your steps,
are you using pinmux spreadsheets to have pin configuration, and then generated the .dtsi files?
after that, taking tool to convert pinmux, gpio and pad dts file to cfg format for image flashing.

I’m kind of coming on to this project that we are working on very late in the game. Our carrier board has already been designed and built but it was not handled appropriately so I have been asked to jump in and redesign everything. Our main issue was that the original designer did not include the ACOK circuit and simplified push button power-on circuit so our Xavier AGX was not power on correctly as the power rails were very much uncontrolled. As I’ve been getting further along (I knew nothing about the Xavier AGX or any Jetson module before getting on this project) I found all the appropriate spreadsheets from the design guide and also the pinmux spreadsheet. The original designer did not create a pinmux spreadsheet so I am doing that now and just wondered if I needed to make changes to every pin whether it’s being used or not.

hello elijah.houck,

please review the schematic, if your board schematic differs from that for Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit board, you must change the pinmux configuration applied by the software.

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