Orin DG Table 22-1, 2 Unused interfaces


This is a question about the unused Pins listed in Table 22-1,2 below.
What does this mean of “unused”?
NVIDIA provides the functions of the pins listed here, but if the user does not use them and does not apply them to the design, does that mean they should be left unconnected?

Can the user use the functions for pins that have design circuit diagrams in the Dev Kit circuit diagram?
Doesn’t that mean that the function itself of the Pin in the list is not provided?

Thanks in advance.

As said in the words above table 22-1. “The following Orin module pins (and groups of pins) are Orin module MPIO (Multi-purpose Standard CMOS Pad) pins that support either special function IOs (SFIO) and/or GPIO capabilities. Any unused pins or portions of pin groups listed in Table 22-1 that are not used can be left unconnected.”

Do you mean that these pins can be used,
but if not used, left it unconnected.



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