Regarding unused MPIO pins in Jetson Nano/ Xavier

Hello Support,

We are designing board for Jetson Nano. Also gone through product design guide table:13.-1 about unused pins of Jetson Nano. However, I would appreciate queries in that regard,

  • Does CAM_Control, Clock section includes CSI interface also?
  • There is only mention of DP0_HPD, so can DP0_TXDx pairs be kept open or need any termination?
  • Same query as above for DS1_D1_N/ DS1_D1_P, DP0_AUX pair.
  • Also we are using just PCIE0_RX0 & PCIE0_TX0, so can we keep other pairs to be open?

Finally, I have attached just connector pinout having shown open pins. If somebody from support can verify will be helpful OR proper response to above queries is needed.

PAGE 1 SODIM CONN.pdf (34.0 KB)

Hi, you can leave all those unused pins unconnected.