Platform Adaptation Diagnostic Tools

I’m currently working on a custom board based on the Jetson TK1 development board. I’m using the Platform Adaptation and Bring-up Guide provided by NVIDIA (v1.1, June2, 2015). In it there are multiple references to an NVIDIA Diagnostic tool/Tegra MODS used to verify DRAM, eMMC, etc.

Can you please point me to where these tools exist? I’ve searched the forums and seen this post ( but it seemed to be ignored.

Those tests are contained in the package of Tegra_K1_Memory_Characterization, when you run shmoo test (sanity or full), the DRAM and eMMC tests will be run first.

Thanks Trumany. The same document also refers to SPI NAND - am I correct in assuming that’s a typo? The SPI flash on the Jetson is a NOR flash device. There doesn’t seem to be NAND support (not including eMMC).

You mean this: Verify SPI NAND with NVIDIA Diagnostic tool (If implemented)? If so, it’s a common sentence for all platform as it has ‘if implemented’.