Tools for Low level Memory Test / Analysis

Are there any tools for performing memory validation / testing and EMMC testing that can be run pre-boot (directly from adb or using nvflash would be best)? I have a system that has failed and I would like to try to diagnose what the failure is. I believe that it is either DRAM or EMMC and would like to run a very low level utility to scan both and diagnose failure. Does such a tool exist?


Hi Gabriel16,

Please refer to NV official document Jetson TK1 Memory Characterization Tool from, which contains full set of tools and documents for tuning, includes trimmers (programmable delay lines) and drive length controls.


Hey Kayccc,

I’m wondering how I can (easily) obtain my DDR3L memory par file?

I found in the directory Tegra_K1_Memory_CharacterizationV1.0.1\extras\param_files the memory I’m using is different but similar to Micron_2GB_MT41K256M16HA_ddr3.par, is there a way to scan the memory on my board to fill the param file?

Nvtest if for sdram and emmc check, please refer to this link: