Platooning Demonstrator using the Jetson Nano

This is a project that showcases the concept of Platooning using a pair of 1/10 scale RC cars and the Jetson Nano.

Platooning is a convoy system originally envisioned for trucks. The system usually consists of a pilot truck which is manually driven and a fleet of following self-driving trucks that receive driving information from the pilot truck.

I tried to replicate this for the purpose of platooning based self driving taxis. You could potentially have one driver responsible for a fleet of taxis all driving to a certain common location.


The Jetson Nano runs two Neural Networks - one for Object Detection for the actual Object Following and the other for Monocular Depth Estimation for Obstacle Detection. It also performs Optical Flow for Visual Odometry such as Velocity Estimation.

A complete explanation of the system can be found at:

The link to the source code can be found at: