Please add Pause Canvas Rendering

Hi there,

I would love to see an option to pause canvas rendering, UI interaction would improve by pausing the canvas rendering smartly when the mouse cursor is outside the Canvas.
Same as doing it The Foundry Mari since version 4.6v4.

I know about the ECO mode but it does not seem to work.


Hi Dawid,

When you say does not seem to work, what exactly are you observing? When you toggle the ECO mode, do you not see any change in the FPS?

I am observing my GPU usage in this case. It stays the same with ECO on and ECO off.

Could you please see if there is any difference in the FPS/Frame time when you toggle ECO mode on/off.
Depending on your scene and settings some GPU processing may still be going on.

There is no difference in FPS/Frame rate.
It looks like the GPU Core Mhz is going down, although create is still using 25% of my GPU with lower clocks.
Minimizing Create (with option to stop rendering) is letting go of my GPU completely, which is what I would expect if Create is not rendering. Maybe I am wrong though.


I would like to reproduce your issue on my side, could you please tell me the version of Create you are using and what scene are you loading?

I am using Create 2021.3.1 (latest one available). I have one simple 3M model loaded in. Nothing special.

Screenshot with ECO ON. Clearly it is still using my GPU even though the viewport seem to be frozen.

100+ FPS is consistent with what we observe for ECO mode ON, so it appears to be functioning as intended.
Note that it only pauses the rendering-heavy passes. Other GPU processing may still be going on. The biggest GPU consumer in that case is usually the UI. If you are on a single-GPU system, some GPU load is expected.
In the future, to free up the GPU completely, we may implement offloading of the remaining tasks to the integrated graphics or the CPU.
If you would like such a feature sooner, it would be helpful if you could describe your use case and its importance, so that we can better prioritize.
Thank you!