Please release CUDA 9.1 X86 version

I am a developer using E language, and I am calling cuda 6.5 x86 for deep learning training. However, the latest version 9.1 does not support x86, please release CUDA 9.1 x86. In addition, CUDA’s Kernel programming E language cannot be called, because E language is not a text format programming language. Can you introduce a standard Kernel programming API called stdcall or cdecl?
What is E language?

我是使用易语言的开发者,正在调用cuda 6.5 x86版本进行深度学习训练。但是最新的9.1版本不支持x86,请放出CUDA 9.1 X86版本。另外CUDA的Kernel编程易语言无法调用,因为易语言不是文本格式编程语言。你们能否推出标准的stdcall或者cdecl调用方式的Kernel编程API?


If by “x86” you mean support for 32 bit, that has been discontinued, after it had been deprecated for a while (per CUDA release notes).

Considering that 64-bit capabilities were added to the architecture fifteen years ago, about time, I would say.