POWER_BTN# active time

The document “Jetson TX2 OEM Product Design Guide” describes about POWER_BTN# active time on Table 7 Power Up Sequence Timing Relationships in page 11.

Minimum time of POWER_BTN# active time is 50ms, but Maximum time is not described.
Please tell me the max.time of POWER_BTN# active time.

I’d like to power on the TX2 by an external signal, but when the pulse is too long (about 7sec), system does not boot up.
Actually, I don’t use such a signal, but I want to know min.and max.of POWER_BTN# active time for reference.

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Hi nanoto,

Please refer to this topic: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1021932 , it is same to TX1 or TX2.
Default max time is 8s.

Hi Trumany,

Thank you for your answer.
I see.

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