Power-cycle PCIe

I have a usb-hub attached to my PCIe slot on AGX, I would like to power-cycle the PCIe slot to have a power off method for my peripherals plugged into the hub. I could find any documentation on how to do this, or even if the feature exists. Any ideas?


AGX doesn’t support hot plug and unplug. If you want to have power off slot regulators then you need completely unbind Tegra PCIe driver for that particular controller instance.

cd /sys/bus/platform/drivers/tegra-pcie-dw
echo 141a0000.pcie > unbind #To unbind EP client driver, power down PCIe controller and power off slot regulators

echo 141a0000.pcie > bind #To power on slot regulators, power up PCIe controller and bind EP client driver.


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