Power on USB OTG

Hi developers,

im using a Jetson TX2 devkit flashed with JetPack-L4T-3.2 (28.2).

I try to use the USB OTG (usb0) to connect to an arduino. I noticed, that there is no power on the USB OTG as default. Is the usb0 in device mode per default and is it possible to change the mode to host mode and activate the power on usb0?

Thanks ahead!

Only a host can provide power over the +5V line. When in device mode it either powers itself or consumes power. Using a type-A cable instead of type-B would put the connector in host mode…and then power would be provided. Two devices cannot be connected together, nor can two hosts be connected together. One end is type-A (a host), the other type-B (a device). The ID pin on the micro-OTG connector senses which mode will be used. It is likely you used the wrong cable type.

Thanks linuxdev,

the problem was based on my missing USB specification knowledge…
I fixed this mind gap here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USB_On-The-Go
Good advice to read this before working with usb otg.

The fastest workaround was to buy a USB otg hub from the next TecStore (~10$) and plug it between the usb otg and the arduino. An extra benefit is the availlability of more usb ports.

It is working fine, thank you!