Power Up Orin AGX

I am exploring options for ‘bare-bones’ power input to a custom ruggedized compute node that hosts an Orin AGX.

-we will respect the power on sequencing for the Orin AGX on the carrier electronics
-the input power will have reverse protection, surge suppression, low voltage cut-off- this prevents the local main DC-DC converters from energizing unless input power above threshold.
-no storage caps; in case power is suddenly removed, the AGX module and carrier will instantly shut off.
-no buttons on the ruggedized chassis: pwr on, reset, etc. This makes me sad but I can’t do anything about it.
-ssd that stores the OS will be on a read only partition; in the event of sudden power loss, partition corruption is avoided
-higher level application can issue a power down command over ethernet- only a full power cycle would restart the compute node

A) Power input only; literally just 2 conductors, one for hot and one for return current. As soon as this input connector has 24V nominal, the power up sequencing begins.
B) Power input with another pin on the connector to enable the power up sequence. Due to safety considerations (larger system context is intrinsically safe) this may not be possible because of redundancy on the enable line. This is an open topic.

I am interested in other approaches for similar power on strategy, and guidance on what risks and troubles we might face with such a simple power on strategy.

Thanks so much for your time.

Hi, for power part design, please refer to the Orin Design Guide and devkit carrier P3737_A04 design in DLC. We don’t have other recommendation on this. The power on/off sequence listed in DG should be followed well in custom power part design.

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