Xavier / Orin AGX Power up sequence

We currently designing new carrier board for Orin AGX module and I would like your advise about Power Up sequence stages we designed:
Our PU process include 3 stages:

Stage 1 shows the input power (from DC jack or PoE) the output is VIN_SW which is input for stage 2 (red lines).
This signal converted to 12V and 5V and enter to the AGX.
After that, the module generate “CRR_PWR_ON” which enables the 5V DC2DC for the low-level DC2DCs (stage 3)
The “CRR_PWR_ON” also enters to a PSoC as a input, for now, as a provision for future use.

We would like to know if this design can work, we tried to prevent using uC as a power up manager.
Thanks in advance.

Hi, we don’t have other suggestion than that of Design Guide. Any custom design only needs to follow the power on sequence as listed in DG no matter how it is implemented.

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