Powering Xavier

How have you been powering Xavier when you are executing it in outdoor environments. I saw some reviews on LiPo batteries, but figured out some problems to regularize charging and discharging as it could hurt the battery life. I don’t want to worry too much on batteries and power complications as I have too much to focus on other things. Has anyone used car cigarette lighter for powering up? Are there some complications with the short circuit and stuffs? What are your experiences on this?

Hi, there should be some relay and voltage regulator can meet the power request of Xavier, i have no experience on this, hope someone can help.

One thing I can guarantee is you need protection from power spikes on a car power source. A buck/boost regulator would be important, but I couldn’t give any specs. Probably the same regulator which works on separate LiPo would be fine on a car battery source, but a car battery source is a dangerous thing without such protection (not because of the battery, but because of the loads).

Yes @linuxdev, I do feel the same but I have one inverter from the market which basically converts the 12 Volts to 110- 230V AC. However, its product from China and does not really have technical specification documentation so that I am sceptical t power it. But I am quite sure it has a regulator and switches off the circuit when the input voltage goes below 10 Volts. So, I do think it should work but I am a bit concerned with the fire related safeties. It does pretty well with mobile phone charging but not sure with higher loads.