Run Jetson TX2 with car battery power and make image processing

Hello everybody,

We want to use TX2 with our car batter power which is 11-14 Volt (depending the car is working or idle) and 80-100 A, however when we use the battery power directly, the TX2 boots and after the program start to inference it shutdowns automatically. Do you have any experience with Car batteries while the car working?

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Does it have to be directly tied to the battery? I’ve got an RPI that I run in the car off of a converter from the cigarette lighter.

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Yes, it will have to be directly to the battery , because our cigarette lighter part is not available, directly connection is the only available option in this case,but thank you for your suggestion

ok…so how about a model that clips onto the car battery?

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In the case of a power source with plenty of power delivery available, the implication is that regulation is at fault. If you were to look at a desktop PC with a good high power 12V rail you would find that a battery would fail for this too. The battery is capable of more delivery current than is even a 1000W high end power supply, but the power supply is far better behaved.

Can you add a buck/boost regulator? Or at least some sort of regulation? Without this I suspect it will fail.

As a side note, never ever connect any computer directly to the battery of an automobile. Spikes and regulation issues could actually damage computer equipment. There must be protection against the issues of inductive loads (such as starter motor and distributor coils or alternator), and I suspect this is even worse than attaching a computer to a house wall power connector without a surge protector.

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Thank you for all , I will care about your suggestions.