Problem detecting i2c address

I am using Leopard Imaging’s LI-IMX283-MIPI camera and LI-NANO-CB carrier board. with NVIDIA Jetson TX2NX module. I have connected camera on CAM1 . The doccuments and codes shared by Leopard address 0x34 as i2c slave address.
But when i run “sudo i2cdetect” on terminal , and check on each i2c buses ,there is no i2c detection on 0x34 in any of the buses.
Any suggestion how to move ahead??

Hi Shreyasj,

If you are unable to detect the i2c address, you should check that the camera/carrier is correctly powered on. One of the likely causes is that you are not enabling one of the necessary GPIOs

Are u pointing out to CAM1_PWDN pin ?

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Hi Shreyasj,

Yes, for that particular connector, I think that would be relevant GPIO. Also, if possible I would also go ahead and check that all of the fixed voltage pins (DVDD_CAM_IO_1V2, etc) also have the correct voltage.

Could you help to check on this.


The 0x34 is 8-bit address. Please try 0x1a (7-bit) on Jetson.

There is no i2c detection on 0x1a nor on 1x34 address upon running 'sudo i2cdetect ’ on all the buses.

If you are using USB3.0 camera instead of MIPI. The USB3.0 port is not on Jetson I2C bus, so i2cdetect cannot found it .

I am using a csi_mipi cable for connecting the camera to the carrier board. Also when I externally connect an arduino ATmega2560 board to communicate using I2C on J18 of LI_NANO_CB , I am unable to elicit an I2C response on 0x08(address of the slave) on any of the buses.

Do you have the driver for LI-NANO-CB and IMX283-MIPI? There is an I2C switch ( TCA9548, 0x70) between Nano and camera, so the i2cdetect cannot detect sensor without driver.

This feedback was helpful
I tried to send port select data to 0x70 address using ‘i2cset’ , and there was an i2c detection on 0x24 (we were expecting it on 0x34).
Anything wrong here??

I don’t have the driver for the same and am in the process of developing one.

I am under the impression , from going through leopard website, that device drivers for LI_NANO_CB and IMX185CS are available.

Would it be possible to share those device drivers and dtsi files, as it would come in handy in the development.

Also I would be obliged if you were to share a detailed datasheet of LI_NANO_CB(which would contain detail about every pin,port).

We found a preliminary driver of LI-NANO-CB + IMX283-MIPI camera. Please download the patch files from link below and give it a try.

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