Problem: Error # -1

Hi everybody,

I have a little problem with execution of samples 'cause each time that I execute a demo I obtain the next error message

[font=“Courier New”]oclNbody.exe Starting…

Run “nbody -benchmark -n=” to measure perfomance

!!! Error # -1 at line 175 , in file .\src\oclNbody.cpp !!!

Starting Cleanup…

oclNbody.exe Ending…
Press Enter to Exit

in this case i was execute the oclNbody.exe, but it happens in several opencl examples

I hope that somebody can help me.

I want to remark that cuda example run without problems

my system is:

intel core 2 duo P7350 @2.00 GHz
Windows vista home premium
Video card Nvidia GEFORCE 9600M GT
NVIDIA Driver 190.38

thanks in avance

you can’t use 190.38 with OpenCL

in the nvidia site recommend the use of these drivers for cuda then

I thought that they would work for opencl without problems.

and now the question that it remains is : which controllers I must use?

thank for your answer