Problem when flashing NVIDIA AGX XAVIER for the second time

Hi everyone,

I am actually encountering problems when trying to flash for the second time my nvidia agx xavier with my ubuntu 18.04 host pc with the nvidia sdkmanager 1.1.0
The error is : Flash Jetson AGX Xavier 16GB/32GB : [error]: Run commands failed at step Install: command /tmp/ finished with error
during the “Flash Jeson OS” step.
I encountered this problem twice since I have tried it with two different host pc, so I guess it comes from the card.
Please help me
do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to send you the debug log.


Maybe you could check this post to understand how to dump the log first.

To debug this issue, I would use instead of sdkmanager because the log from sdkmanager has too many unrelated.

Also, we need the uart log during flash. “During flash” means I need your uart log right after you enter the “flash” command. I don’t need the “boot up” log here.

It worked, thx