Problem while installing Jetpack 4.1 into Jetson AGX Xavier

Dear All,
I am trying to install Jetpack 4.1 into my Linux Host PC and NVIDIA Jetson Xavier AGX. The installation steps is okay till flashing the OS into the Board. Jetpack then starts installing the packages and SDKS into the Board. The installation till CUDA toolkit is okay. But While writing the OpenCV package into the NVIDIA Board a prompt is coming on the XTERM terminal asking to restart the services. The prompt message image is attached here. The problem is i can not select yes or no on the XTERM terminal and i don’t know why this prompt is coming.

Any kind of help to solve this problem will be highly appreciated…

Best Regards

Hi Anayat

Please try again with the latest JetPack 4.4 GA
The JP 4.1 is a bit too old.

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Hi md.anayatullah,

We don’t hit this issue before.
Please download SDK Manager to install the latest JetPack-4.4 GA.

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